Pseudonym: Nowitzki Tramonto. my REAL name sounded like I came from a rich celebrity clan
Currently a 5th year BS Architecture Student from University X in Manila

{in a nutshell}

Metro QC boy. 21 years young. Blessed Catholic. New-blood councilor. Sunday tenor/bass. Part-time thesis student. Conceptual artist. Construction enthusiast. Shutterbug wannabe. Word-player. Meat-lover. First-degree Knight. Silent Wanderer. Pilgrim. Aspiring Sacred Architecture Scholar. Aspiring Saint. Aspiring Monk. 

{primordial beginnings} 

This blog was born in 2007 as a personal cyber niche to record and document my written compositions of subjects that truly matter at the time. I was an incoming architecture freshmen then who knew nothing more than to ruminate on my goals and dreams, the mundane everyday living, the world, and a certain calling that I somehow continue to search for through the years of my existence. As much as a therapeutic abode and a nostalgic venue of reference in the future, nothing truly much has changed except for a gradual and continuous paradigm shift that ultimately puts my life in perspective.

{random facts}

  1. A self-proclaimed chocoholic, I go from heaven above down here on earth whenever I take a bite in that luscious sugary treat of nature. I give no preference to a specific type because I treat all as manna of mouth-watering goodness.
  2. Cloud-watching, afternoon walks and bookstores pacify me.
  3. I used to play various plectrum-plucked chordophones in grade school.  I play the banduria (Philipine mandolin), octavina (guitar-shaped lute) and laud (Spanish for lute) with a bit of basic knowledge in guitar and bajo de arko (contrabass). It's been years since my last play but truly there are some pieces – medleys, serenades, and marches – that my fingers know by heart.
  4. I have a faux OCD on keeping things neat and clutter-free.
  5. I am frequently told to shut up by my friends when I start to freak them out with terms I’ve unearthed from our good old reverse dictionary. And because of that, I piss them intentionally with my quasi-verbosity even if what goes out of my mouth does not make sense anymore.
  6. I drool over vintage photographs and design and architectural magazines.
  7. I am pondering on entering the seminary to discern more of the priestly vocation. It's a divine calling :)
  8. I love wearing unpressed clothes.
  9. Robbie of The Creative Dork's and Sir Mots of Teacher's Pwet are my blogoshere idols. Their works are easy on the eye and visually orgasmic :)


This blog contains personal thoughts, opinions, and creative juices of the author. The author does not claim ownership of SOME of the photos in this blog. Should the owner ask me to put down any picture, please e-mail at pikaboo_noah07@yahoo.com.ph or leave a message below this page and I'd gladly do as you ask. All articles posted are original articles written by the author (otherwise stated) and reserves the right for these works. Proper credit should be provided for any impulsively copy-written article/photo from this blog. Thank you :)
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