Saturday, June 2, 2007

God's Gift

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The moon is in its fullest while I'm writing this entry down. The blanket of stars I've seen all summer is hiding tonight beneath huge gray masses that was hanging in an invisible ceiling in the sky. A dark abyss that stretch outside our window is an unusual view for our neighbor's roof and the tall hospital building should have been visible from the illumination of the moon....

This week has been a very silent one. No news, interaction, or connection whatsoever from any of my friends (aside from Gil whom Ive seen several times in the Internet cafe). I really MISS them so much. I don't know what to do. I'm depressed and I'm feeling very lonely. I'm longing so much for their company. And I'm so looking forward in reuniting with them again.

I can help but to notice that they are the source of my strength. The ignition of my life. The love, joy, security, and acceptance they have been giving is something I'll never easily find somewhere else. Sounds familiar? Well, the fact that He had worked his plan through them, sculpted my character through their hands, and gave meaning to my life through their words, is something that gives me hope after all these depressing major changes in my life. God has worked his way in my life through my friends and through all those special and close at my heart.

And the greatest realization Ive seen yet, the realization that warms my heart so much and that also adds a pinch of satisfaction and genuine happiness in my state now, was that I was able to see God, even just in a faint image, in the eyes of everyone that revolves in my life.

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