Saturday, June 30, 2007

Hospital Freak

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I hate hospitals. I just don't know why. I'm not afraid of doctors and I'm definitely not afraid of getting shots or taking up medicine. So why do I feel uneasy when I'm in a hospital? Is it because of that grave atmosphere? That eerie cool feeling? That smell of death lavishly doing its job upon the unfortunates? That silent screaming of the souls through the dark, hollowed corridors? Or maybe , is it just me?

The hospital in our neighborhood became my second home when I was still young. It is my mom's only hope whenever I get very ill. I was there when my right cheek was stitched because of an accident. I was there when my right hand was stitched when I fell off my baby crib. I was confined there for several weeks when I caught typhoid fever and dengue fever and oh, I was also treated there when I suffered from leukemia, the cancer of the blood.

Of all the diseases I caught when I was younger, I think the last one mentioned was the worst of all. I suffered from leukemia when I was just 2 and a half month old baby My case was a different one because a common leukemia is usually detected when its already worse - that is, when the doctors cant do anything anymore - but mine was an early stage of that cancer. My mom recalls back then when she saw tiny red spots forming in my eyes and all over my body. The doctors told her that my gums would've burst had she not brought me to the hospital right away. They had to drill into my backbone just to have a sample of my bone marrow. I could imagine my mom praying and crying everyday just by hearing or relating to that story again. It was really bizarre how God used me to test the faith of everyone around me. It was also weird to think that I lived up to this day for a reason or for a purpose that I meant to fulfill.

I don't know how I got through that near-death situation. But sure enough, my mom's prayers and all my other loved one's prayers were answered. I mat not remember anything from that experience since I was just a baby when it happened, but still I consider it as an experience that is truly unforgettable. I am so blessed that the heavens spared my life back then.

It was a miracle.

Above was a copy of my assignment in EN101 entitled "My Unforgettable Experience". I consider it as a recycled composition because as I can remember, I made a similar essay when I was in highschool. Tip for students out there, dont throw out all of your past compositions because you may never know when will they be of use again.

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