Sunday, July 15, 2007

Underneath the Orange Streetlight

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As I sat on the cold concrete parking lot, the place where we used to practice our routines in Math Jingle Competition when we were in 4th year, I gazed up in the sky, looked for the constellation of Orion I haven't seen lately. Everything is still, quiet, and lifeless. The streetlight that has been showering everything around me with orange gave me a relaxing feeling in spite of the cold of the night.

Today was a different kind of Sunday. A very special one that I can consider one of the most happiest times. I started my day with an old friend, G. We went to the city hall to register for the upcoming election of Sangguniang Kabataan (the youth council slash legislature for every barangay or community in the Philippines). We talked a lot about our current lifestyles as a college freshee and enjoyed ourselves with the company of each other despite the scorching heat and a thousandfold of other registrants in front of the Commission on Elections Office.
Seeing a friend I have been since 3rd grade (too bad we're not on the same universities anymore) kept me conscious of how time fly by so fast. It's good to feel her presence again. Everything has truly changed a lot. The way she talk, the way she dress, I cant help but to notice every bit and detail of her movement that seemed more woman-like and even more mature than the highschool chic that was before.

I don't know how many times I have mentioned this on my past journal entries but really, I think Ms. Razon (my highschool English teacher) was right when she said that everything starts to pick up speed as you grow older. And speaking of growing up, here we are, running for the positions of SK Chairman and Kagawad. I have been bombarded with so much changes since I graduated from high school, but this one, I think is the biggest of all. I don't think that I'll still be able to stand up after this one hit me with its spontaneous blows. I mean what was I thinking when I said 'yes' to my father when he first told me to run. The mere idea of making significant changes for the growth and development of my community gave me an adrenaline rush. Pass the allowance and the benefits are the experiences we'll harbour from being in the public service.

My friend G said that there's all to gain and nothing to lose, so why don't we give it a shot? She was absolutely right about that part but juggling my studies in addition to the loads of work and effort I bear as a student is the least of what I needed in my already hectic schedule. I may look at it as a perfect workout in honing my leadership skills but striking a balance between my academics and being a public figure is no joke. Aside from my long-embraced notion of politics as a corrupted profession and my fear of many staring people, I am still torn about going forward in my decision.

I could sure use a good words of wisdom right now.

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