Sunday, September 30, 2007

Life Goes On... ;D

Finally, after all those dark moments and what seemed to be an endless form of pain behind my reflections, I can now say that I'm back again.

I can't figure out how it all happened but everything just seemed to fall back onto their rightful places. All my hopes and dreams that I have established when I was in high school are starting to get clear, the thick mist in my path have finally receded. More than that, though I may not know what lies before me in this path I have embarked in, I'm happy to know that there's nothing to be scared of and every thing's going to be alright.

The problem

Well, I brought with me all the little grains of my memories in the past, but I have no idea that it was going to take over me. Reminiscing all of it over and over again, I was literally living in a different world, one that is an exact replica of yesterday. Worse, I find it really pathetic to know that behind the writings I put inside my blog and in my very journal, are the walls I have built to lock myself away from reality. I was waiting for someone to come and rescue me not knowing that I was the one prolonging this pain and suffering; that I myself was the Torturer.


Everything is transitory in this world. And no matter what happens, we just need to accept all these changes that sometimes can be a little bit overwhelming and scary. Okay, scratch that. I mean, TOO overwhelming and scary. Well, that's at most what I learned from this very special someone who cared enough to read all my posts and make a reply. I guess she's the one who made me realize all this things I'm blabbering about. God sent me His helping hand through her. Stumbling upon that realization me makes even happier.

It really is different when you are acknowledging an omnipotent power to be the Hand of your destiny. Sometimes it's not really that bad to surrender and admit to yourself that you're not in control of your own fate. Yeah, we make hundreds of decisions everyday but still, only God knows why we're here. Even though I still don't know my whole purpose yet, it cheers me up
to know that I have a purpose, a definite destination, and a meaning; that there's a reason for everything; and that my very existence is not an accident.

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