Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Strange Sorrow

I woke up silently this morning at around 5AM, but it was only around 6AM when I decided to get off my bed. There's not a trace of the ray of the sun. Just clouds carrying the tears of the sky. The ambiance of my surrounding is gloomy.

While here I am, slouched on a sofa and writing this article, a part of me is strangely pushing me to go back into the realm of Sleep and continue an unfinished dream. It is strange but this isn't the first time I have felt this. Everything is so familiar.

Still. Quiet. Lifeless. Adjectives that perfectly fit the weird but familiar atmosphere of this morning. Despite the blabbering of the noisy radio announcer, the solemn song I hear as the droplets of the rain hit the ground and the graceful dancing of the curtains as it sway with the cold whisper of the morning breeze, left me wandering in the world of trance.

Last night, like all the other nights of this past week, I quietly sat on a cold concrete curb, under the orange light of a nearby streetlamp. I sat there looking for stars. But instead found a blank purple sky with large gray masses flying fast over me. It has always been that way since. And I was just wondering, when will be the next time.

I haven't seen the sun rising nor setting for these past few days. Grey clouds are always obscuring the light of the stars and the moon. I don't know what's happening, but it surely brings a different kind of sorrow for me...

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