Monday, December 31, 2007



Yesterday was Sunday, the most important day of the week. It was supposed to be a rest day for the majority of us but not this time in our family.

My mom and I, together with my aunts, worked ourselves out as we scrub dirty walls, declutter, and continuously clean our house. Household chores were everywhere and everywhere I look there's so much things to dispose and give away.

Much to my dismay, after decluttering several times and sweeping our dust-infected home, I can still feel that there are still more. It was only by then I realized how our family have been stacking and and piling up useless things!

Thank God I was still able to attend the Holy Mass with my brother despite my tired and aching body. It really feels so good and so light when I'm in our church. I can feel all the worries, anxieties, and exhaustion being sucked out of my soul.

The rest of my afternoon I spent on my weekly Sunday walk around our neighborhood. I have been dying to get out all day but cannot because of all the household chores I never thought could be that painful. No wonder why my mom's always getting cocky and all when she's alone in the kitchen doing all the work. Well, sure, walking can be pretty tiring sometimes but there's something magical into that hobby that even my battered body cannot resist.

It was during those times that my mind flies... where it roams freely and peacefully, where it can ponder over things that really matter, where it's wounds and pains are healed by the scent or even by the sight of a tree and a white butterfly. It was truly magical.

The star's flames flickered like tiny candles scattered above my head. The soft crisp of dried brown leaves beneath my feet became a sweet song of surrender. And the cold breeze brushed against my face and embraced my whole being.

I truly miss this kind of feeling.

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