Thursday, May 15, 2008

Afternoon Walk

My enrollment last Monday for the first semester of my sophomore year marked the start of the countdown to the end of my summer vacation. I was never really conscious of the time last month but the grueling day at school and those long hours of standing in lines that seemed to never end made me realize of what little time I have left.

Of course, I was happy to see my closest block mates again back from their respective homes and provinces, but I'm quite sure I'm also going to miss my free and unlimited time with myself reading novels and books of different sorts that are not even related to the course I'm taking, cleaning and doing household chores, cloud and bird watching while listening to the chorus of crickets during mid morning, playing with my lovely kittens when I've nothing to do, and taking afternoon walks around our vicinity to sort things out in my head.

Hmmm... I wander how will I spend the rest of my summer days...

Speaking of afternoon walks, I haven't taken some dose of mine lately because of the continuous drizzle for the last five days or so. It really bummed me because I have to stay indoors, fight for space with some of my family members and sort the growing confusion brought about by my recent dilemma.

Ironically, the gray clouds threatening to pour down from time to time, the cool atmosphere, and the silence brought about by those drizzles gave an unusual serenity in my head to pray and to concentrate firmly on making this big decision.

What big decision, you say? Well, I never really thought of bringing it publicly in my blog because its main concerns are very personal and very crucial when it comes to my spiritual growth and development. My perspective on the subject is quite wild and unusual, but I'm pretty confident to stand by my beliefs as far as both involved parties are concern. To put it simply and without further much ado, I've been faced with a big decision to choose between my Catholic faith and this Born-Again ministry I've been attending since February.

I really don't want to discuss the details any further for I believe that it will only bring the matter up which caused an enormous emotional and mental torture in my part. To finally end it, let's just say that I believe in ecumenism (please consider 1Cor 12:3-7;12-13) and that no matter what side I choose, I'll still be on my way to Jesus.

What I can't seem to dismiss in my head brought about by this experience is the idea of just stop believing and flee from Christianity to end my confusion once and for all. But you know what? I realized that I just can't. And I won't Because I believe in God (and I believe that there is one) and that's that.

Men may embed themselves in ongoing systems of illusion all they want. This is mt illusion. And this is what I believed in...

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