Friday, October 10, 2008

Two Huge Pimples

I woke up early at 7 this morning to see two huge pimples on my right cheek.

See, my partner and I stayed up late and deprived ourselves of sleep the other night to finish our final Design plate and a scale model of a proposed beach resort we'd been working on the whole week. It was fun occasionally having snacks to stay awake, and a torture but all at the same time fulfilling after finishing right on time and seeing our names on it.

We drag ourselves to the university after lunch to submit our work, received a whopping grade from our scale model of the beach resort, and went straight to our respective homes (with no more than bumps and bruises for dozing off a hundred times inside the public jeepneys) to get the sleep we deserve.

Whew!!! I'd definitely consider it as one of my experiences I could never forget! Too bad it didn't come to me to take snapshots of the beach resort as a souvenir of our hard work. It surely is a great finale to our first semester and a relief start to welcome our sembreak!!! Yipee!!!
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