Monday, March 16, 2009

Weekend Seminar

I had a truly blessed time with the staff and the rest of the PREX 37 class of St. Paul the Apostle Parish last weekend as we sponsor and make preparations for the next class and weekend seminar with PREX 38. I slept 2 in the morning for three consecutive days (I had 4 cups of coffee in my first night! yikes!) and I'm telling you, though it's tough, it is nevertheless fulfilling.

I guess the greatest part of the whole event was meeting new faces and getting to know more about my fellow parishioners, especially those of my age but more excitingly,the oldies in their forties and sixties. Why the oldies? Well, I love listening to their stories and I've always had this thought that mingling with the 'mature ones' gives me a sense of responsibility as I go over my priorities and dreams in life based from the experience of those who have gone far beyond and are now going back. Oh, I remember hanging out with some of them in the registration table giggling and exchanging jokes as if they were only teenagers!

Though I have minimal requirements to be submitted on Monday, I had managed to go to school to take care of some stuff and back to church where the seminar is being held. It wasn't at all easy so I must give credit to the grace of God that had kept me fired up for the whole 3 days. It was the first time I ever get to clean a bathroom, mop a floor and even serve food and drinks just like an ordinary janitor or waiter doing their humble jobs as part of the service crew; a big lesson I realized that it's in the simplest things you can find genuine happiness.

Overall, that three-day seminar has been really great. We give thanks to all those who helped us in the sponsoring class, to the wonderful speakers and lead couple from Good Shepherd Parish in Fairview, and most importantly to God, who guided us and gave us strength all throughout that experience.

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