Friday, June 5, 2009

Weather Freak

Image from Vanilla Johnson

People think and behave differently when there is a storm. And if there ever is a word to describe that lunatic who go over excited and enthralled when the weather's totally freaked out, I'm one of them.

This morning I went over my daily newspaper route and kind of enjoyed what I've witnessed. Deserted streets, broken twigs, thousands of fallen leaves, an assortment of litter carried in by the strong gusts of wind and the eerie ambiance you feel when you know that something beyond human control is coming. I felt the trees conversing as they rustle and dance with the wind's whisper. Even the rain as they pound endlessly on our roof brought a calming trance you'll never want to end.

Maybe the lack of hustle and bustle in the city life during these times is what's forcing me to stop and take notice of even the slightest of movement there is. I'm just glad that I'm falling in love again with nature...

But enough with this weird talk cause I know I'm making someone cringe. And in the risk of another blackout or the usual power trips I'm clicking Publish Post.

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