Thursday, July 30, 2009

Creative Juice # 012: Keep the Passion Burning!

Internet connection at home's super messed up but that's not the reason why I'm not been updating this blog for the last many weeks. Lol. I can just go to an Internet Cafe if I wanted to but I just won't. I guess I'm just just happy to be living' my life without that tendency to stalk on myself in cyberspace.

Anyways, I enjoyed our class today on History when Arch. RL ate almost half of the session sharing personal experiences on the design and construction industry, about being a professor and a mom, and what and who she was back in her college days as a humble architecture student. She surprised most of us when she turned off her laptop and gave her lesson the 'unconventional' way.

I've never seen her so motherly and I really liked that she opened herself in front of the class the way she have never been before. I was moved about everything she said and her words really made me think about the path I'm taking as an architecture student. One thing I noticed about all our professors now in my junior year was how they fast-forward things when they talk about on-the-job trainings, thesis in our last year, work and finally taking the Board Exams.

I know there's still a whole bunch of things ahead and though they may seem scary, I choose to remain unfazed. Where I am now is all because of Him and no matter how hard things are I'm going to take it all in. I just gotta keep the passion burning...

I heard Arch. RL is going to China on September to present her proposal on some project. Though she may not be aware of this post and how inspired I was about her class, I just wanna say God Bless and Thanks!

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  1. you know, me too. i specifically remember that meeting we had on History. It gave me second thoughts hehe, but it's really worth thinking. I think it's really nice when Architect Lutap opens up to us like that. I've seen her do that like twice pa lang, once when she talked about her student life, and now her being an architect in practice, and motherhood. nice nice. :) first bog entry or yours i've read. impressive. people really don't seem to have these kinds of thoughts until they write. :)


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