Sunday, March 7, 2010

CAFA Week 2010

Two weeks ago proved to be the best college week yet, at least for our block who careered it in with our 'Ramen'-house-inspired booth we named 'JAPAN, JAPAN: SAGOT SA KAHIRAPAN'. I literally gave everything in setting up the booth every morning, counting the sales we made from our scrumptious coffee jelly and ice cone beverage, and acting as an overall coordinator (they call me Mr. Presi), secretary and treasurer for the whole event. I am just grateful to all my block mates who helped and made things happen during the week who deserve equal credit for all the hard work we've put through.

The exhaustion that blew me that week was incomparable to the one I feel when cramming plates. But the booth lived up to its name when we made profit enough for us to plan a summer beach getaway in Batangas right after the end of our final exams. I am so looking forward to that!

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