Sunday, March 28, 2010

Earth Hour at Church

We had a wonderful opportunity last night to sing with Tita Dulce’s choir in preparation for Maundy Thursday’s and Good Friday’s masses. I used to look at her as your stereotypical terror music professor but all that changed once I get to know her technique of teaching and conducting. She said some quite insightful things to us youth that made up ninety-five percent of the small room we were in. And I will never forget those bits of wisdom she imparted in us to ponder on.

  • That we are all dying, little by little, inside but we are too numb to notice it. (She said this in connection to Earth Hour 2010 and the Filipinos’ attitude during the December 2004 tsunami disaster that struck south Asia. Apparently, CNN screened a report about the Pinoy’s loud celebratory manner of Christmas that year when all its neighboring countries and the rest of the world did away with all kinds of festivities to show their respect and sympathy over the loss of many nations on the said tragedy).
  • That it is never okay to let the Lord wait for us during masses so come early during services.
  • And that it is my privilege as much as it is my duty to be able to serve the Lord even just in singing.

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