Monday, April 12, 2010

Internship Day 1

My first day at the architecture studio was fine. We sorted product brochures, arranged the storage room, met our mentors, had a crash course on how to read working drawings and had a peek on some of the food franchise projects that the firm had ventured in. The highlight, of course, was our little open forum with the senior partner architect who encouraged us to open our mouths and be not afraid to ask. He shared about the harsh facts of the profession in the real world and bits of intangibles that really meant a lot to me as an aspirant in the field. We were nervous at first but all that melted when he started answering our questions firmly and full of honesty.

Well, I'm sure glad that we had that small chat with Architect G. It has sure opened up a different point of view on my perspective regarding architecture. I have so much to learn and lots to think about what he all said.

Some ideas I took a mental note of:
  • Architecture is not about “what you know,” rather it is all about “who you know”. The more you talk and put yourself out into the world, the more people will get to know what you do, and the more opportunities you'll have from getting in more work. 
  • What the school teaches us about architecture are mere fairy tales. Our ideals about the profession were far from reality.
  • Always ask and don't assume so as not to make an ass out of myself.
  • Architecture = Process Management

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