Sunday, April 25, 2010

Jejemons: Grammar Criminals

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"3ow PoHwz! MusZtah nuh pohw 3iKhAw?"
If you have experienced receiving an incomprehensible text message just like the one above or have read a similar comment on Facebook, then you have most likely had a 'Jejemon' experience. A terminology that according to meant 'anyone with a low tolerance for correct punctuation, syntax and grammar,' and a more morbid definition, 'low IQ people who spread their idiocy on the web.' It has come to my attention after reading an article from one of my favorite Saturday paper section that triggered my grammar Nazi inclinations and surfaced a deep annoyance from someone who rips off on language like that.

I remember all too well how I pleaded to someone in a comment-thread-turned-chat-box on Facebook to stop using such kind of language. I wasn't aware of the term then, but like other annoyed Internet users, I totally agree to their proposition to ban the Jejemons on the Web!
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