Friday, June 25, 2010

ArchInspire#006: Space Frames

Image borrowed here

My inspiration for today is this photo I stumbled while searching for an article about Space Frames in the Web. It was our first topic in Building Technology 5 and we were supposed to submit example details of it due next week. It's been a while since I unfolded my drafting table and I'm telling you I'm quite hyped putting oil on my rusty fingers to get my hands dirty on manual drafting again. Boy, I hope this does not signal the start of my zombie sleepless nights for this semester. I'm going to garner a cheekful of pimples again. Pft!

If there ever such a thing as 'bitter management' I'd definitely apply in one. I have been wallowing in bitterness this past few days. I have a lot of issues and it has become apparent in my mood swings and unpredictable annoyance over the smallest things. Don't you just hate being pushed over something you don't want and you can't do anything but compromise? I am yearning for that day when all this would end. Because truly, I have had enough of it. It's tearing me apart :(

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