Saturday, May 29, 2010

Newspaper Boy 2

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Growing up as a self-proclaimed son of a newsrunner, reading newsprints – all sorts of ‘em from broadsheets to tabloids to magazines – have been one of my favorite comfort hobbies. Long before I typed my first word on Yahoo’s search box, learned to surf the Internet and get bombarded by lots of information, I pretty much know from first-hand experience what pop culture columnists define as a generation of excess information.

Waking in the early hours of sunrise everyday to deliver toppling bundles of newspapers may not seem much to have as a mean of living but it has its own perks which I realized only just now. Apart from taking pride on having to be informed on the latest headlines on my classmates in high school, there was also this ‘brag-factor’ on my other budding journalist friends with the abundance of daily newspapers I could feast my eyes on whenever I wanted on that particular day.

Looking back, I could see very much how this simple comfort hobby I take liberty doing almost every day during summers has flickered my other passion for photography, built my appetite for a well-written article, widened my horizon to certain words I thought I’d never use, trained my eye for baby blunders and grammar crimes, made me fall in love with wordplaying and giving birth to new ones, taught me to write as a form of therapy, inspired me to write my own stories in my own blog, and so much more.

I have gone from tabloids to broadsheets, Sunday comics to property reviews, entertainment section to design news and features. I have become a major fan of Kikomachine Komix, a masterpiece of Manix Abrera in Philippine Daily Inquirer, before everyone does in its series of released compilations that has gone mainstream. I’ve read profiles of budding writers, photographers, graphic artists, models and other professionals in their respective artistic realms. I’ve learned about my current field more in print than in any other digital media. I have become informed and inspired throughout these years as I take one moment of my time off to sit back, relax, and read a bunch of newspapers.

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