Monday, June 14, 2010

On Getting Tipsy

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Yes, it’s that proverbial matter again with boys drinking. I have made an unofficial pact with myself when I was in high school that I will never drink or smoke seeing those stereotypical Filipino jeepney chauffeurs on the streets half-naked while swaggering their oversized beer belly and coughing their precious air passageways out. Smoking may have been a rare sight in our family but drinkers are quite common. It wasn’t really in my intention to join that bandwagon but perhaps I owe it to my older brother and father always hinting that I should at least take a sip to make my gut au fait with different kinds of alcoholic beverages.

Drinking isn’t a forbidden deed in our household. In fact, my father always keeps his best liquors around for important occasions or just in case a surprise compadre came up. Having established that freedom in my mind, I deliberately choose to drink only with the consent of my mother or in special events where my family is around. That way I could trust myself that I don’t just go around wasting myself all over the place.

Last night was one of them, I guess. There were no special events but it’s just that an uncle and a cousin of my mine were present. My father brought out a bottle of imported tequila (40% alcohol) – I had five shots - and after that another bottle of Gran Matador Brandy (32.8% alcohol) – I had three shots. As seen on television where boys are huddled at one corner exchanging conquests and other stories while drinking, I wasn’t really comfortable enough to sit in front of my father. So what I did was as I help my mom finish some chores (we do the laundry at night), I at times drop by on the session to take my shot.

Well, it wasn’t until my mom and I were hanging clothes that I felt the familiar light feeling. Then suddenly everything felt so good. I was laughing and singing and bugging my mom. And I was totally speaking in proficient English instead of my native tongue. Those are the clear and distinguished indications that I was already tipsy.

I was happy enough to go to bed last night putting up a mocking face on insomnia because he can’t bother me this time. When I woke up this morning I feel already fine. No sign of any hangover but with a large and itching red rash (allergy?) on my chest. My mom says it’s because of alcohol. Oh boy.

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