Friday, September 10, 2010

I'm a Man

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The little boy has once again been asked to make an adult’s decision. No matter how strong he clung himself to his precious youth, the tide of times must come to give way to the inevitable. He must stand upon his own feet and learn the necessary skills to survive. He must abandon his child’s play to work and make a living. He must wake up from his dream of kaleidoscopic colours to see the blacks and whites of reality. He must decide at once to leave his comfort zone of liminality. He must grow up at once and leave his comfort state of liminality.

They may have presented me with an opportunity that initially sounded out of my league but it is my decision as well to put myself out there. I am doing this because I wanted to not because they told me to. I am doing this for them. I am doing this for me.

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