Sunday, May 2, 2010

Divisive Politics: Rantings

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I never liked politics. It was a subject I felt compelled to discuss about given the looming of the May 10 elections. It mattered to me now because I want my first time to vote to make sense. I may be typically young and idealistic but my hopes for a better government and a Godly leader is a desire I felt given to me by a Higher Power.

My vote mattered to me and my dad thinks of that as well, but my single remark on the topic turned us both on the consistencies of oil and water.

It mattered to him because of a promise (bribery). It may be the only way he thinks of to provide for the family which I completely understand but I'm just annoyed at the manner of him putting his trust on politicians and not on the Lord. He may think of that election as something that may directly (financially) change our lives in this trying times but I am annoyed at how they (everyone in our household) completely choose to go blind on that age-old story of promises from politicians who will promise multitudes just to get promising votes from everybody.

I am annoyed at how my father endorses this commercial-ad-saturated presidentiable who has a bad rep on me. I am annoyed at him for imposing politics on my face. I am annoyed at how I felt attacked for opting for a more Godly candidate. And I am completely annoyed how an allowance of five-hundred pesos eats on my time of service on Sundays.

And that's why I never liked politics. Really.

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  1. politics. such a dirty game. the real players are those above you. and for a beginner, you will be compelled to submit. promises are made for their own benefits. *shrug* But it won't matter to a person who's always on the side of truth.:) You earned the position, just do what you think is better. you've got to go back to your core.


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