Sunday, December 5, 2010

ArchInspire #014: Philippine Architecture

A Bahay-na-Bato near the hotel we stayed in our not-so-recent heritage tour in Ilocos. Notice the exposed brick construction in the ground floor of its facade. Truly an eye-candy :)
I must have an entire folder full of pictures like these. Well, I'm finally making use of 'em. This was taken around the vicinity of the famous Calle Crisologo in Vigan City. I love the antiquity it evokes thru its old and peeling paint.
Ahh. And yet another one in its refurbished and restored version. Many structures in Calle Crisologo built in this modernized fashion of the old Bahay-na-Bato are becoming prevalent.
The humble beginnings of our Philippine Architecture cam from the stilt houses that were then prevalent and strikingly similar with our neighboring Asian countries. It was something that our ancestors did not agree upon but rather developed as a response to their specific geographic and climatic conditions. The best example perhaps would be the Bahay Kubo (literally 'cube house') that varied upon the different indigenous cultures of the archipelagic motherland. 

When the Spaniards, our first conquerors came, they initially wanted to build structures made of stone that replaced the traditional nipa, bamboo. and other indigenous materials that once ruled our architecture. But equipped with their knowledge in design and construction, they soon realized they have to look around when many of their buildings toppled in mere debris when the forces of nature declared its fate. The Bahay-na-Bato became a common sight during these period but the churches were more remarkable as it became one of the key tools when the Spaniards penetrated our culture with the introduction of their Christian faith.

After decades of Spanish reign, then came the Americans with their promise of freedom. Civic buildings and universities stood as they introduced a new form of government and academic wealth. Many early architects also stood looking overseas for a new form and aesthetics then making it their own.

This was taken from one of my midtern exams answer sheet in History of Architecture 4 which I took last semester. Haha. Good writing comes in a jiffy I guess.


  1. ganda talaga sa Ilocos, hehe
    namimiss ko na yung pagtour ko dyan nuon, pasalubong ko ah, kahit longganisang vigan lang, hehe

  2. whaha ang ganda ng mga shoot mo anung gamit mo na cam :D
    anyway... isa yan sa mga bucketlist to capture all the old houses in the phil. island.. nice shoot :D

  3. @ Aurelius: Ngak! hehe. ubos na yung longganisa. Pero meron pa ko dito nung famous alcoholic beverage nila na Basi. Wala ngang umiinom dito sa bahay eh. Gusto mo sayu na lang :)

  4. @ Axl: Thanks. Hahay. Olympus Digicam lang ang gamit ku. hehe. Nothing special :)


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