Saturday, December 25, 2010


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I've two simple messages: Kids, merry Christmas and drink moderately. Haha. I could've sworn I swore back in high school that I'd never drink alcoholic beverages. But to no surprise here I am tolerating Red Horse, Emperador, Gran Matador, San Mig Light, Vodka and Tequila.

I am never good at large group gatherings. Even if it were the very clan in Batangas I spend my Christmas with every year. There's always that tendency of me to tuck quietly at one corner or simply look for a conversation I don't mind small as long as it's intimate.

Define tuod. Define tameme. And you'll probably flash a picture of me. What a shame. A rational resolution to my dilemma would be a couple shots of booze that would do the trick. Am not a heavy drinker but it just helps me loosen up, set aside my inhibitions and talk fluently. Just enough to make me feel tipsy and not really get into trouble for doing crazy things.

Oh yeah, I just don't mind getting tipsy this coming year. At all. Kaya sa lahat dyan, inuman na!


  1. kasalanan ng boss ko kung bakit ako natuto at nautong uminom hehe

    hindi na masama

  2. Tipsy is good.
    Drunk is bad. :D

    In vino veritas. = In wine, there is truth.

  3. @mots: hehe. ako naman sariling choice... hehe... akala nila hinde ako umiinom until makita nila kung pano ako lumagok ng sunod-sunod. Haha!

    @ Nielz: gusto ko yan. haha :) shoutout ko yan mamaya.


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