Monday, March 21, 2011

Crush Profile: Model in Print

I was reading my favorite Saturday newspaper section when I came across an article about Cirq Regal, the final showcase of the University of Santo Tomas (UST) College of Fine Arts and Design (CFAD) held Feb. 9 at the NBC Tent at Fort Bonifacio. (Read full article here)

I've heard about this night of fashion from friends and seen pictures of the collection posted over their Facebook pages, yet what struck me the most in this article was this runway shot of a familiar face at the bottom of the page. A model looking like a doll in a structured dress with a big accent pink button, marigold scarf and pink headband.

Then all at once, I realized who she was. Oh, I could never forget her face. She's the girl I've been blabbering all over my elementary journal - my seat mate in 6th grade whom I've had this HUGE crush on since Day 1. I remember I was quite 'obsessed' on her back then, even keeping poems she mindlessly scribbles on scratch papers or the bits of trash - junk food and candy wrappers - she would readily discard. Ooohhh, quite a memory.

Well, I don't know what happened next, but out of excitement I somehow leaped from our sofa right up to the second floor of our apartment, feeling giddy while telling everyone that this lady in print was once my seat mate and good friend back in elementary. Ching!

I just hope I won't get in trouble for posting her picture here without any permission nor censorship for anonymity. All in the name of mushiness, I feel like in elementary again wallowing in puppy love. Ack.


  1. wow nice. she is pretty... naks ikaw na may puppy love.hehehe

  2. di na puppy love yan mhon kundi may pagnanasa na yan..w ahehehhe joke lang chong..

  3. tama! may pagnanasa na hehehehe joke!

  4. lols... puppy love ka diyan.. sa mga bata lang yun... whahaha :D
    peace :D

  5. wow naman..ganda nya..ikaw na ikaw na ang mga puppy love na model!=) hhihihi

  6. mukhang manequin ang puppy love a ganda! ano name..

  7. Nice naman. Kakasurprise din pa minsan ang buhay. :D

  8. @Kyle: ahaha. puppy love lang? sana nga love na eh. wakekeke~

    @Kikz: nakoh tsong. hinde ako dadako diyan. ahaha. nagmemesmerize lang :)

    @Bino: isa ka pa kuya Bino. kayu tlaga oo. tsk tsk. uhaw... jok! ahihi~

    @Milch: i know ryt? pretty lady talaga <3

  9. @Kuya Axl: ahaha. bata pa naman ako ah? hinde ba?

    @superjaid: ako na! ako na! bwahahah!

    @Keaton: uu, yan yung concept ng runway show - models looking like mannequins :) ahaha. yung name? secret...

    @Will: tomoh! i'm surprised alright!


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