Thursday, March 3, 2011

Creative Juice #024

As opposed to the festivities clichéd during college weeks, I believe the days with no classes have ultimately contributed to the uncreative morbidity and melancholic drama that struck me last week. Thankfully, with a bit of pagninilay done, all those shindigs are over so my eyes are now on the prize again - that is to get on with our feasibility requirement in Regional Planning and our final major plate of a medical tourism development in Design.

I truly missed all the scheming, sketching, planning, thinking, analyzing, conceptualizing and brain-farting part of me. So that's what am going to relearn right about just now until the end of this month. Am super thankful to all who sympathized with me in my last post so now I brought a rather happy treat to you all from Thailand! LOL. Just kidding. 

These are from last week's visit in a History of Architecture booth featuring the architecture of Thailand made from scrap materials (loved the terracotta egg cartons!) by junior students as part of their requirement in History. Brings back memories from our last year's Japan Architecture booth :) weee!

N and B spotted on a faux-romantic camwhoring trip in Southeast Asia. LOLJK!


  1. nice ah,kala ko thailand talaga :)

  2. nyahahahaha... ang kyuuuuttt gusto ko din ng booth sa kwarto ko na ganyan.. hahahha joke.

  3. waheheh ang kulit

  4. whaha pambihira ka.. ang kulit ng costume ha :D

  5. Sayang hindi ko maview. nakablock kasi dito sa opis ang mga pictures

  6. ganyan ang itsura mo pag naging thailander ka hehehe.. kulit :)

  7. @Sean: whoa?

    @Kamila: nyaha, ang kyuuuut talaga :) ahihi~

    @Kyle: hehe :D Focus!

    @Axl: pambabae nga yang headgear na iyan eh. walang headgear ang mga lalaki sa thailand sa pagkakaalam ko :)

  8. @Arvin: awww :)

    @Istambay: ahaha. Thailander. yeahboi~

  9. you look great ah...

    nice theme...


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