Monday, March 14, 2011

Mass Hysteria

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A rush of students flooded the LRT station. Some looked worried. Others looked simply apathetic. Patiently we waited for our turn in that long stuffy ticket line.

Everyone's talking about the latest buzz in town - after Friday's magnitude 8.9 earthquake in Japan, the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant is still in an 'alarming' state following a blast at its number 3 reactor, probably a hydrogen explosion. Text messages were all over the place warning to stay indoors lest you want to be exposed to some nasty radiation that got leaked and carried away by the wind from the north.

2pm.  Skeptic after overhearing from a weather report that there was no need to worry, I completely dismissed the forwarded messages as a hoax. But my jokes regarding the radiation's effect on my oh-so-bumpy complexion - fruits of labor from my sleepless nights - turned into complete horror as we watched our chairperson going over classrooms announcing the suspension of classes made by the university administration. Cold chills ran down my spine. Anxious remarks were apparent. Apocalyptic images I've seen from CNN started flashing inside my head. Is this friggin' serious? I can't believe all these are happening. It was all so scary. The campus was evacuated. A rush of students flooded the LRT station. A tense aura enveloped the atmosphere.

5pm. I received another text message from a friend that all the shiznits were simply a product of the circulating hoax text messages. Shiznit. Perhaps it was the worried look from our chairperson's face that scared me the most. Shiznit. I realized I have a final exam tomorrow and we're still three-quarters done working on a final requirement.

False alarm. Student life goes on. Another whopping shiznit.


  1. my sister's class was suspended because of that hoax. I believe people should stop circulating text messages like that. it's not the time for jokes

  2. Nowadays it's not ideal to believe in text messages anymore. Sad to say that a bunch of losers exists out there, spreading lies to make our lives miserable. Thank God for CNN.

  3. @Bino: so true. the sudden change of the atmosphere earlier was incredibly scary. can't believe I went thru all that. hysteria nga ito...

    @Will: yeah :) thank God for CNN!

  4. Oh wow. Thats so crazy! It seems like people are just aching and would do anything to get out of class! That's not cool at all!

  5. nakakainis yung ganyang text scams. nakakaasar kasi nagcacause ng panic.

  6. nakakainis.. actually nakakatakot.. di ba.. parang shit end of the world. na.. pero sana naman serious yung mga nagkakalat ng message.. :(

  7. hay naku kung ano ano ang sinasabi ng ibang tao thru text eh di naman totoo

    and confirmed nga ng news na di tayo apektado

  8. so annoying that text.. ok sana kung totoo eh kaso hindi..

  9. nong marecieve ko ang mga text na ganito.. naisipan ko gad na pumunta sa online news... wala akong nakita advisory from government. sa isip ko, kalokohan na naman ito.

    then, nabalita ko sa GMA7, ang daming nagsuspend ng class.. tsk tsk.. di biro ang naging epekto ng text na ganito.

  10. Ei, was the skecth yours? Great piece.

    Also wanna share... :)

    Then she asked me this with all the five store attendants around us: “Nan, may buhok ka ba sa kili-kili?” Right there I wanted to die and disappear.

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  11. @Adrey: crazy alright. damn right crazy.

    @khanto: grabeh. sinabeh mu pah.

    @Kamila: sana serious? whoa.

  12. @Milch: tomoo :)

    @Axl: naku kuya axl. mas lalong hinde okey kung nagkatotoo. katakot yun...

    @Istambay: destructive. agh.

    @Ferdinand Yim: nakuh. hinde po ako nagsketch nian. ahaha. masyado yang maganda :)


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