Monday, March 28, 2011

Update 03.28.11

Lent truly is the busiest time of the liturgical year for me. Though school has just ended, I've been round and about various church activities in preparation for the Holy Week (and so much more) that I'm finding it hard to update. So just to give you an overview on my upcoming posts, here's a list of what I've been up to lately:

  • Tenor Mode: My brother and I have been helping out another men's choir in our parish so we've been singing our hearts out now for three consecutive morning celebrations of the Mass during Sundays. We also sang last Saturday with our brother Knights in the Eucharistic celebration held at San Agustin Church in Intramuros, Manila that marked the start of this year's Walk for Life, the Order's Pro-Life activity to unite and reiterate their stance against the Reproductive Health Bill.
  • Thesis Mode?: I will be posting my reflection of this year's 3rd National Engineering Science Research Conference held at Bulwagang Balagtas (NALRC Bldg). at PUP, we were required to attend last Thursday as part of our final requirement in Research Methods. I felt my brain got a little bigger from digesting all those interesting presentations on the various field of research.
  • Internship Mode: Yeah, I've been racking my brains out in finding the perfect architectural slash construction firm that will assist me in my completion of this summer's another 200 hours of diversified experience in construction. The supposed official starting period of my on-the-job training is next week so wish me luck in my ethereal hunt. I just paved the restaurant and bar-studded streets of Timog Avenue in my quest for contacts. I am so crossing my fingers with these ones.
  • Tenor Mode 2: Ahaha. I've been working on a series of recordings driven by my OCD inclinations to compile and document particular voicings of church songs I've learned as a trying-hard tenor. This I'm quite excited to share with y'all :)
  • Apostle Mode: Guess what my brother and I have signed up for this coming Holy Week? Oof, if you could only imagine... *laughs*
  • Pagninilay Mode: With all the racket that's been going on, I feel all the more compelled with my solitary sessions of introspection. *sigh* there really are some things that are bound to catch up no matter how fast we run and how deep we hide.


  1. That is surely a long list to accomplish. Good luck to you! :D

  2. wow kumakanta ka pala. and good luck

  3. nice, good luck bro sa mga lined up activities!

  4. wow..feeling ko ang busy mo.. pero nafi-feel ko yung fulfillment mo..

    hay.. san before may nanjan na ako sa Pinas.. gusto ko mag bisita iglesia sa bulacan.. wala..mapakonek ko lang sa mga pinagsasabi mo..

    at ikaw na maganda ang boses... anyhoo.. goodluck sa iyong thesis at paghahanap ng internshiP!!

  5. @mga parekoy: uu nga. mahaba nga itong listahan :)

    @Kumare: wat? nangibang bansa ka?!!!


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