Friday, April 8, 2011

Internship 2: Week 1 Daily Logs

{Day 01 - 04.04.11}
Arriving at the site office for the first time again is somewhat nostalgic in some sense. I remember how I got accepted in this company last year with my application for the Architectural Internship Program 1 but decided not to continue as they offered then a program that is fit for civil engineering field works. I’m just thankful and giddy to be back. The field office seemed a lot bigger compared to last year. Fully equipped and furnished, the room is big enough to contain two conference-sized tables, 5 computers, a Xerox machine, and kitchenette with a mini-fridge, a microwave and mineral water dispenser. There are about 9 desks for the different working engineers and a nook with racks for storing compiled folders and important documents. This is the place I’m going to report in for the rest of the summer. I am simply delighted.

{Day 02 - 04.05.11}
I was ecstatic to meet my mentor for the first time. He seemed very nice and accommodating. He even told that there’ll be a lot of work to be done making me a bit giddier with all the knowledge and learning I’m about to witness and absorb in the wholeness of this internship program. For sure, the heftiness of it all will be my drive to push through.

He dismissed me early today to make the necessary preparations for my first construction site walkthrough. A hard hat, a pair of safety shoes, my very own official ID, and the pseudo-uniform is a must when entering the construction zone. I’m anticipating a great day tomorrow.

{Day 03 - 04.06.11}
I chanced upon a stack of weekly progress reports that completely captivated me as soon as I get to the progress pictures taken at different periods of the construction before I came here. It was enchanting to see the primordial birth of a building – an environment which designers must have consciously regard as a space where living breathing human beings will soon populate. Well, I certainly would love to take part in such creation in the future.

{Day 04 - 04.07.11}
I was still thinking of yesterday’s bout when my mentor called for a representative of Carpark Building A’s contractor to discuss the inconsistencies/non-compliance of the actual work (a misaligned lavatory in the men’s room causing an ergonomic error with one of the wall-hung urinals) with the working drawings I reviewed yesterday. Their authority and stance regarding the matter is utterly remarkable. Metaphorically, I pictured the construction management team as a squad of dauntless police officers/ law enforcers reprimanding a grave offender. It was remarkable, indeed.

{Day 05 - 04.08.11}
On my way back from my inspection assignments for the day, I met Arch. Al, the occupational safety engineer who gave me the safety and hazard orientation on the first day. He reiterated his intent that if I ever see something that is suspiciously off within the site which might speak of hazardous and unsafe, I could confide it to him so that necessary steps must be taken. Now, I’m totally feeling like an inspector!

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  1. CONGRATS!! and im glad your happy sa work mo


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