Friday, April 15, 2011

Internship 2: Week 2 Daily Logs

{Day 6 - 04.11.11}
I’m starting to get the hang of what I’ve been tasked to do – which is the regular monitoring and inspection of macro light wall panel installation (and more) at assigned floor levels of Tower 3. I’m just privileged to be a part of the construction management team. With all the internal excitement going on, I must still remain cool and composed, and most of all professional in everything that I do.

{Day 7 - 04.12.11}
I was tasked to personally handle the construction update report for Thursday’s presentation with SM Development Corporation. It wasn’t really part of the field inspection practice but I am more than glad and willing to lend a hand with the revision of the progress pictures and the powerpoint presentation. I may not admit it but I do have a knack for orderly fashioned graphic layouts and is a self-professed shutterbug myself. This’ll be a jiffy :)

{Day 8 - 04.13.11}
In preparation for tomorrow’s progress presentation, my mentor brought me to the top floor to take some pictures of the current works being done. It was utterly breath-taking! I just witnessed an actual rebar installation before the filling of slab and beam at an altitude of 20-storey high. I must admit it quite gave me a fright but all is worth it as I also cannot stop myself from impulsively clicking the camera to capture such an arousing moment.

{Day 9 - 04.14.11}
I noticed how everyone who came back from the presentation of progress report with SMDC at MOA was busy shuffling through working drawings, letters and documents of previous transactions and meetings. From what I’ve overheard, I bet they are feeling even just a tiny inkling of spite towards the general contractor regarding the recent update of the construction progress report. From there, I remember what my mentor told me yesterday after our documentation at the 20th floor. It was about the ability to gain respect from your colleagues, co-workers and subordinates in the industry without them secretly yielding spiteful thoughts towards you.

{Day 10 - 04.15.11}
I do not know it is just my enthusiasm waning or the seeming monotony of my everyday or both, that is affecting my macro perspective view of the whole internship program. I need to break away from this dreary steadiness. I need to somehow accept the truth that it is not always bright and exhilarating while doing my summer training. I may be exaggerating but unless I accept this given fact, I may not be able to pick myself up and pull through. Funny how a lot of ponderings goes through one’s mind when he is not preoccupied my topics that really matter.

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