Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Internship 2: Week 3 Daily Logs

{Day 11 - 04.18.11} - Holy Monday
Our mentor expressed to us his irritation regarding the slow operation of the general contractor. I’ve read file the other day counting the number of delays on the projected schedule against the actual progress of the Tower 3 construction. Everyone is really working hard before Maundy Thursday and Good Friday. There’ll be another concrete pouring on the top floor’s core wall and slab. I really wish I could freely come to see but my mentor won’t permit me access yet on the upper floors as he was just being cautious and concern regarding my safety.

{Day 12 - 04.19.11} - Holy Tuesday
I came to the office late and walked in only to see the construction manager almost reprimanding the officer-in-charge/representative of the general contractor. I really looked up to the Big Boss for being such a fine and genuine gentlemen. His voice is calm yet there is this distinct degree of firmness and stance showing authority over the situation. I can’t help but to silently chuckle by looking at the OIC’s facial expression. He seemed professionally tamed in front of our construction manager.

{Day 13 - 04.20.11} - Holy Wednesday
The weather’s gloomy; construction activity seemed to be in such a drab, and we are having a very slow day at the site office. Perhaps it is the looming Easter Triduum celebration that’s got into everybody’s mind. My mind in particular is drifting off with all the Easter Triduum activities in our parish. It was not announced that it will only be a half-day regarding today’s working hours yet the construction site seemed deserted as most workers have probably took the time early off to be with their families at home. I silently made my way back home in solemnity of tomorrow’s occasion. In my mind, I bid a meaningful Holy Week to all.

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