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Architectural Thesis Writing Tips

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Students of fine arts, especially those who are studying building structures and similar subjects need to write architectural thesis during the course period. Since architecture is a broad term and all its segments require specific addressing, many resort to thesis help services. But the question is why you would do so, when you are armed with guidelines to help you out.

  • The concept building: The major part of architectural essay gets devoted to establishing the concept. Here in you will have to talk about the features you are trying to draw the reader’s attention. For instance, when you talk about the sculpture of “David”, by Michelangelo you will be speaking about the specific style he had incorporated. Or perhaps, you want to include a segment like comparison between the two sculptures created by two masters on the same material. You are likely to speak of the individuality to begin with. You will need to deal with the specific angles that these masters had employed to create the edges to the figurines.
  • Referring to what is said before: Architectural thesis should be based on works that have been written down the years. As the subject is dealing with the past, you will need to rely on historical documents mostly. The more you excavate from the library archives, the better for you. Faculties actually look for surprises. If your architectural topic is to do with a period, then try to collect material pertaining to the occasion. For example, if you are going to work on Italian fiasco, you have every chance to speak about the documents written about them during that time. Referring to chronicle give you the possibilities of gaining more over the others.
  • Rightly said, art and architecture go hand in hand: Try evolving artistic examples to support your arguments based on your architectural thesis topic. Discuss the popular themes that have influenced the piece of work you are essentially reviewing. For instance, some one is talking about the patterns curved out on the Taj Mahal. The readers might expect that the student will refer to the influence of Persian art and Hindu patterns simultaneously. In many cases, artists and architects have borrowed ideas form both their counterparts and their ancestors. You should speak about these influences and inspirations separately.
  • Arrange your discussion properly: After all you are speaking about an art form. Just like an artist requires building up his concept layer after layer, you will have to do the same. An artist create a frame, draws an outline of his mental image or the provided model. It is only after all these steps, that the man fills the empty gaps with appropriate color. Your framework will be your architectural thesis topic. The outline will be you points and objectives of discussion. Lastly the colors will be supplied by the intensive research you have been doing so far.

Architectural essays deal with things that are already there for years together. You should thus aim to do possible justice to the art forms that have caught human attention in its inception.


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