Sunday, June 26, 2011

With Two Girl Friends

I had a fun ‘family’ day yesterday with two great friends (my high school wife and daughter) despite the non-stop freaking downpour and my anxiety over more thesis proposals that I have to conjure from the depths of my mind so have at least one approved study to work on for two semesters. 

The thesis forum did clear up my mind regarding computer-generated presentations versus manually done renderings but the agony has obviously just started. I’m dying to have my proposals submitted to the Thesis Evaluation Committee but classes were cancelled today due to the incessant raining prolonging my pain some more. 

It was raining when we met up early at McDonald’s Tomas Morato; raining when we decided to go to Trinoma instead of Luneta; raining while having delish Seafood Bento at Teriyaki Boy; raining while devouring our personally-made frozen yogurt at Fruitti Froyo; and still raining when we parted at around three in the afternoon. Bummer.

With J @ McDonalds Tomas Morato

with J and K @ Tokyo Tokyo - Trinoma
Model daw ng Marks & Spencer :)

Fooling around with J

Frutti Froyo with best friends :)))
we just love doing our dance routines. hehe~

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