Saturday, June 11, 2011

Creative Juice #029: Costripping a Bishounen

So here are photos of my recent rendezvous with some friends at the Globe Tatoo – Swatch Cosplay Event held last Saturday – June 4, 2011 at Trinoma’s Atrium. Jumpy and all, it was my first cosplay witness - a realization of some of my high school year’s fantasy - the peak of my Japanese animation fetishistic tendencies of oriental creative brain beverages. Because of its free admission, accessible proximate venue, and a chance to glimpse the gorgeous Gosiengfao (err, or was it Gosiengtian?) in action, it was an event that I just couldn’t say no.

It was a fun and special day as it was my first ‘costrip’ experience too, showing up as a rich and irresistible executive bishounen that kind of explains my fancy formal attire in chocolate striped long sleeves and bright red tie in floral silver damask pattern - the weirdest attire I could ever pull up my sleeve minus the wigs and guns and all the other unnecessary bulky accessories so as not to gain too much attention (or so I thought was the point of ‘costripping’ at all).

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