Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Creative Juice #031: The City

Awe-inspiring clip filmed at the Big Apple. This one's a reposted entry too. Grabbed it the first second I realized it was a similar video of The Mountain I also reposted a while back.

I've been down in the dumps for a couple of weeks now but my timely date-slash-fellowship with two girl friends yesterday refreshed my diminishing servings of hope. We crashed another friends home and had a talk-a-thon, ate lunch with some carinderia food, walk-a-thoned at Luneta, window shopped at Robinson's Place Manila, dinner merienda at Shakey's and finally topping off the day with some classic comedy favorite - Kimidora :) I am so looking forward and hyped at our Thursday's indie film marathon XD Yipee!

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