Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Gospel according to RH Bill

Today is the Feast day of St. Matthew the Evangelist. Below is a supposed 'Gospel' written from the point of view of those who are Pro in the legalization of the Reproductive Health Bill, intended for them to realize what kind of 'evangelization' they have been promoting all along.  If you have read C. S. Lewis' known Screwtape Letters, notice the striking familiarity in the approach and the way the whole thing was written. Please do take some time to read this :)

A Reading from the Gospel according to the Reproductive Health Bill
v.1 Brothers and sisters, love one another, but bear no children. Loving is expressed in making love, but children are the burdens of love. Without the burdens of love, making love is enjoyable, satisfying and free. 
v.2 It is all right to have sex with partners before or outside marriage. The more protected you are from sexually transmitted diseases, the better for your salvation.
v.3 I beg you to spread the Gospel of "rights without responsibility" and call it "responsible love," with particular emphasis on "the right to informed choice."
v. 4 Bear no burden of telling the people about the morality, not even about the side effects of contraceptives, least of all cancer. Do not be afraid to tell them about safe, legal, accessible sex and the advantages of remaining childless in favor of your career or your health.
v.5 By all means, change the definition of when life begins, as the Epistle of Science suggests, so that you will unburden people of guilt about abortion.
v.6. As much as possible, use any of the various artificial contraceptive means by which you can attain satisfying sex without burdening yourselves with children. Abstaining from sex, whether with one’s spouse or not, does not lead you anywhere near the idea of satisfaction.
v.7. Treat fertility or pregnancy as though it were an illness. In that way, contraceptives will later be considered by the majority as “essential medicines.”
v. 8. Employers should also be enjoined to give reproductive health services to their employees as an act of justice and charity, even if sexual activity has nothing to do with their job description.
v. 9.  Enjoin all public officials, whether appointed or elected, to allocate public funds even for personal purposes like sexual satisfaction. It is your right and, indeed, your duty, to give the poor and the sick the much needed access to public funds. In this way, the poor will not think of unemployment, as they easily get distracted from the more substantial issues of survival, and think only of sex.
v.10. Those who insist that job creation is more important than contraceptives or that contraceptives are dangerous should be reported to authorities for their acts of disinformation and for heaping insult on women’s reproductive rights. If they do not heed the authorities, treat them as you would a gentile or a tax collector!


  1. I'm Pro-RH Bill, and I find this "Gospel" overgeneralizing.

  2. @Will: in some ways, it is overgeneralizing Kuya Will. Though not intently written to spark debate, it is creative and straightforward, on the other hand, in exposing its arguments.

    What I love about this 'Gospel' is it's consideration of the soul mostly left out in the purely biological/physiological arguments of those in the side of the Pro.
    And most Pros deliberately dismisses the fact that a human person is composed of both the body and soul :)


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