Saturday, September 17, 2011


I talked earlier with Architect B, my so loved Thesis Adviser, regarding the priestly vocation. I presumed he knew too well since he started with AB Philosophy in a Camillian Seminary before he got another degree in architecture realizing that being a priest just was not his calling. I felt at peace and at ease with him talking to me like a true father :) 

The biggest piece of advice he could share was for me to finish my degree with architecture first then decide later whether to continue with what I'm more inclined to. I have a whole year to prepare and look for possible thesis topics to venture in. He said during that period I should take the time to reflect more deeply on the matter - like what religious order I should apply for and what specializations and specific apostolate I should consider.

Truly I am not alone in my journey of discernment. I trust that God will give me the strength and courage to persevere and always be patient and faithful in making the right decision. I am going to need a lot of studying to do as well as prayers, encouragement, and the right spiritual direction. To God always be the Glory! :)

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