Saturday, October 22, 2011

Creative Juice #035: OdoSketch

Here's my first shot at making a masterpiece in Odosketch - entitled 'Seminarian' :) 
Stumbled upon the site while bloghopping. It's super simple to use and 
I just looove its sketchy aesthetic :) Why not try making yours?
Odosketch seeks to recreate the decidedly non-digital experience of working with a sketchbook. Its papery textures, variety of brushes and intentional imperfections make you forget you're working on a screen.
We also added a playback feature that recreates a drawing from empty canvas to the completed piece animating the drawer's brush strokes (complete with erasures, cross-outs and do overs) and revealing the creative process at work.


  1. galing naman.. it's really a nice artwork.. :)

  2. @ardee: salamat bro! nagpi-feeling lang ako :) hawhaw~


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