Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Book Review: Manga Messiah Series

If your cup of tea is manga and Christianity then here's something interesting for you - new book installments of the Manga Messiah series by NEXTmanga available for only P215 @ Fully Booked. Though nothing beats like reading the original and complete passages of the Word of God from the Bible, I think it is truly genius to use the art and media of Manga (Japanese comics) to reach out to the younger generation whom are saturated nowadays with the flood of interests and modern ideologies. 

'The youth of today are not as superficial as some think. 
They want to know what life is really about.'
Pope Benedict XVI, foreword of the YOUCAT

I bought my first copy of Manga Messiah from a friend's recommendation years ago - back in my pre-teen years where anime and Japanese pop art and culture dominated my interests. It came in perfect timing as I remember it was also about that time when I started to feel the thirst to know and understand life better from all that I believe and the truths that I adhere to as a Christian. The idea of studying the Gospels then from a comic-type of perspective was a bit unconventional but cool in my young mind. The series truly is a plus for young beginners :) 

So here's my review: 

What I have always loved about the series of Manga Messiah is its strict adherence with the Scriptures from where it was based and the consistent format from its first installment. At the bottom of each page where a scene takes place is a footnote of the verse from which one can cross-read the Bible to see the exact seen from where it was lifted. 

  • [A] Manga Messiah, which is the first installment of the series was written by Hidenori Kumai and was illustrated by manga artist, Kozumi Shinozawa. It covers the consummated version of Yeshuah's earthly ministry in the Four Gospels of the New Testament, starting with the Anunciation of Yeshuah's birth to Mary and ending in his Ascension in Heaven. 
  • [B] Manga Mutiny, which was written and illustrated by manga artist Ryo Azumi, covered the Books of Genesis and Exodus from the Old Testament. The flow of the story in this work was quite fast but it nevertheless successfully painted the important events and stories of God's covenant in the history and nation of Israel. A brief family tree which is of great reference is also illustrated at the end of the book - starting with Adam and Eve, going thru the generations of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph.  
  • [C] Manga Metamorphosis, which I have yet to read was also written and illustrated by Kozumi Shinozawa. Covering the entire Book of the Acts of the Apostles, it starts from where Manga Messiah ended. Peter the Rock and Paul the Aposlte, together with other followers of Yehsuah's ministry, was the main character in this installment. 

For more information of the Manga Messiah series, visit NEXTmanga.


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