Friday, January 13, 2012


Oh that I might find my rest and peace in you! Oh, that you would come into my heart and so inebriate it that I would forget my own evils and embrace my one and only good, which is you! What are you to me? Have mercy on me that I may speak. What am I to you, that you should demand to be loved by me? That you should be angry with me, if I fail to love you, and should threaten me with the utmost misery? And not to love you, is not this in itself misery enough? O Lord my God, tell me what you are to me! Say unto my soul: I am thy salvation. Speak so that I can hear. See, Lord, the ears of my heart are in front of you. Open them and say unto my soul: I am thy salvation. At these words I shall run and take hold of you. Do not hide your face from me. Let me die, lest I should die indeed; only let me see your face. + The Confessions of St. Augustine (Bk I, Ch. V, par. I)


What do your active brain cells perceive?