Monday, January 30, 2012

Creative Juice # 037: Product Branding & Layout

I've always wanted to try product branding. I remember it was something I used to do as a boy who often get lost in the imaginative depths of my brain while sketching fast food meals and beverages. A friend from the fine arts realm asked me for help in a crammed exercise that was meant to be done in Photoshop. With her instructions and my beginner's prowess and enthusiasm for layout, here's what became the product of our creative juices. Everything was hastily done, but not bad for my first try in product branding eh? 

Before: The original scanned product wrapper of Cream-O Deluxe.
After: From the brain juice of yours truly: 'Mapapa-ooohhh sa sarap!'


  1. sa up-techno hub gnagwa nla yan, pinsan ko kase nagdesign nng sa kopiko eh, hehe


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