Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Site Review: David Lanham

It was a 'like button' at first sight :) I knew it right then from the moment I saw his familiar name in the somatic icon packs i've been downloading from IconFactory. The icons were what I'd call horrendously irresistible and cute! But it was like brain juice bursting from within the depths of my creative reserve when I saw his sketches and illustrations from his personal site. Giddy!!! Pinch me my creative juices are overflowing :) ahihihi~ Here are samples of his vector art goodness :) 

Wonderful Journey, 2010. Ice cream and a splash of honey takes you on a great trip.
Consumption, 2010. The consuming urge to further progress can often blind the most observant.
Mesmerized, 2010. Trolls don't just like thread, they'll also be attracted
to any kind of shiny new thing (even if it's not finished developing yet).

For more information, visit David Lanham's personal site here.


  1. namamangha tlga ako pag nakakakita ng ganyang images..

    eye catcher :)

  2. happy visiting your nice and informative site

  3. @bagotilyo: astegh noh? hehe~

    @mike: huwaw! salamat bro :)


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