Thursday, February 2, 2012

Creative Juice #038: Sacred Architecture

Sketching. Sketching. Sketching.
Four months 'til the submission of thesis proposal for the next semester... I've been sketching church facades lately to familiarize my hands (and practice my imagery!) with sacred art and architecture. With that in mind comes also a compulsory review of my lessons on History of Architecture - covering classical and early church developments to that of Renaissance, Baroque, Romanesque and Gothic. Agh. There will surely be a lot of work if I'm finally going to decide to adopt these designs for the translation of my thesis proposal. Good thing I paid close attention to our lessons with Architect L.


  1. ganda. galing talaga. sayo ko magpapadesign ng bahay balang araw ah?=D

    1. haha. bakit gusto mo ganyan itsura ng bahay mo?

  2. Thank u very very much For all you've said & done.

  3. naman panalo, PATOK! hehe

    bute ka pa marunong magdrawing ako hanggang abstract lng hehe


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