Monday, February 27, 2012

The Fallacy of Modernity

From the Facebook updates of Fr. Ferdinand T. Hernando, MB
"In the mad rush to material security, economic development and social progress, most men and women have set aside the sense of God thereby reducing faith to the level of myth and superstition and therefore considering it unfit to be a rudiment for economic and political advancement. All that our modern society has produced so far is massive poverty and inequality, spawned by greed and injustice. Restoring society's sense of God will restore the rightful place of charity and justice, the bedrock of an alternative social order. Without faith, we can only veer from one form of greed or injustice to another without any end in sight."
"In a culture that sets aside the things of God, men and women look for satisfaction, happiness and fulfillment in things that are by themselves finite and temporal, which, by reason of their finiteness and temporality, cannot and can never give satisfaction, happiness and fulfillment."
"To forget God and the things of God leaves the soul empty and the soul, in its emptiness, deceives itself by substituting the transcendental aspirations of the spirit with the superficiality and shallowness of passing satisfaction, happiness and fulfillment. There goes the tragedy of modernity and with it the fallacy of ultimate satisfaction, happiness and fulfillment in a finite and temporal world."


  1. tomooo! we live in a society that is full of worldly pleasures. nakakalimutan na kung sino ang nagbigay satn nun,



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