Monday, March 5, 2012

Highlight: Ilocos Empanada

For foodies and travelers out there, a trip to Ilocos Norte will never be complete without having one of their famous Ilocos Empanada (there is a similar variety from Vigan, Ilocos Sur but this was the kind you'll usually find in Batac or Laoag, Ilocos Norte). Above are pictures of this yummy merienda I bought along the kiosks just outside the development premise of Malacanang of the North. 

Basic ingredients: rice flour for the crust with or without achuete; filling of egg and mongo sprout or parboiled mongo or grated green papaya for ordinary orders, and additional Ilocos longanisa for special orders. This is eaten partnered with a yummy condiment:  Ilocos [black] vinegar (exhibiting a taste of wine rather than a vinegar) with out without sili.
Those feisty photographs were taken by Yours Truly :) See more of this Ilocos Norte trip with my case studies of Plaza del Norte here and Malacanang of the North here :)


  1. whahaha.. ito yun... no one beat the ilocos empanada.. hahaha,,,,

  2. asan na yung ganyan ko?! hehehe

  3. haha~ yung pasalubong ko sa'yu bro. nabulok na. agshihihi~ XD


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