Thursday, March 8, 2012

On Religious Freedom

Let's all pray for America. The video says it all. For the information of the readers, America's right to religious freedom and the corporate conscience of the people's faith is now under attack with a new mandate proposed by their current administration. It is a door that once opened will put every religion (not just Catholics) and creed at stake. 
"We Hold These Truths" is a video that we felt needed to be produced in order to clearly state the main issue in regards to the (HHS) Health and Human Services Mandate. The main issue is Religious Liberty. The mandate, as it stands right now, violates the Constitution and specifically the 1st Amendment. We have a right to the free exercise of our religion without violating our consciences. Every American should see this as an important issue. It is not a Catholic issue. It is an American issue. Join the movement here
Visit the video website here: Spirit Juice Studios 
Check out this another cool video here.


  1. Indeed! 'We have a right to the free exercise of our religion without violating our consciences.'

  2. Hi, thanks for the comments! i wanna invite you to be a singles for christ! :D

    hope to see you there!

    1. Hi Mimi dear :) I would love to go sana but am afraid I am already tied up na with a different ministry and apostolate. Thanks for the invitation though :) God Bless you in your single blessedness :)

    2. Hahaha! Youre welcome! I know you'll do a lot where you are right now. Continue to serve God with it, and the single blessedness thing? thats the common misconception..i want to eventually be in couples for christ (CFC). hehe.

  3. each on of us may have different religious ideas and practices but still we share the same ideology on conscience. =D God bless you kapatid. hope to see you again soon. =D


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