Sunday, March 4, 2012

A Prayer

Prayer of Saint Ezekiel Moreno
My Lord Jesus, I am resolved to follow You wherever You wish to go. O my Jesus, I am waiting for You, confident that You shall take care of me, that You shall attend to me with care, that You shall fill me with Your divine love which is all I desire. 
I want to start a holy life, O Jesus, for the sacrifice that You ask me of now. I cast doubts away. I am willing to do everything. Accept, my Jesus, my resolve and bless it. Ah, my Jesus! You have come to awaken me from my lukewarmness… I thank You, my Jesus. Accept me for I hear Your call. My soul searches for You and chooses  You alone. Let us go, my Jesus, I want to be alone in Your company. I wish to die to all other loves, to live only for your love. O my Jesus! You alone suffice me! Blessed are You for You seek me in so many ways! Long live Jesus whom I love! I want to live for You alone, my Jesus, and for You alone I want to die! Amen.
(Cartas II, 147-149; Carta 942, Obras completes III, 223)

I recently purchased a booklet on the life and spirituality of St. Ezekiel Moreno at the parish office of San Sebastian in Manila.  I was hyped and lost no second in buying the thin booklet for only P75. The parish was the last stop of a mini-photowalk we had on the last Saturday of February, organized by Sir Axl and was joined by Bro. Theofratus and Sir Joey Velunta. (More of that story on a later post). The above lines were one of those beautiful prayers he himself composed which became my instant favorite - a beautiful prayer of vocation and surrender :)


  1. nice you're really looking unto St. Ezekiel na :))

  2. Hi im looking for that booklet..i lost my copy..and theres a prayer there that i really love..its just 1 paragraph prayer..and cant find the book to.

  3. Pls if you can ...plsss can u tell me that short prayer there..really appreciated...cant find a copy of that book here in sydney...plssss salamat


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