Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Updates 04.10.11

Haha. I missed blogging so I'll just pour out whatever goes in my mind in the following bullets:

  • My little sister and I has just finished praying the rosary."Ang sarap, sabi ko." (It feels so good, I told myself). We read Scriptures in between the mysteries to enforce our meditation on Jesus' Passion (suddenly it felt like Lent again!) and even spent five minutes of grand silence after. 
  • The silence and solemnity of it all reminded me of a very dear and personal spiritual landmark :) 
  • The making of my thesis proposal moves on :) I am reading documents regarding the contemplative dimensions of religious life and backgrounds on monasticism under the History of Spirituality in the Catholic Tradition.  
  • It's been a really exciting journey for me since the end of my classes last semester.  The places I've been to (convents and retreat houses and old churches) and lessons learned. Somehow I see the hands of God leading me to pursue this one proposal. I am so praying for the approval of that monastery development. 
  • Having spent my Holy Week inside the convent for quite some time, a stark contrast was formed in my mind regarding the life 'inside' where I felt the Lord is leading me, and the muck 'out there' where I've been wallowing for years. 
  • *sighs* I missed already my Pater and brothers in that humble convent household. I just want to spend the rest of my life in complete and total contemplation :)
  • Speaking of bewilderment, ayun, I felt disoriented when I left the convent to come home for the Easter Vigil: (1) The parish activities were hustling and bustling - I felt there was little time for contemplation at all; (2) our beloved adoration chapel was temporarily closed because of termite infestation, and (3) the glamour of evil is so much strong and pervasive than before (read: irreverent blogs, shopping spree and food trips! *sighs*) 


  1. hindi rin ako nakakapag serve, kase gusto ko magcontemplate buong holy week,

  2. that's good bro :) baka gusto mo rin mag-monk. heheh~


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