Tuesday, October 2, 2012


An entry from my personal journal, Spiritual Landmarks:
Exhausted. I dragged myself to the university for our final meeting with our thesis advisory class. I am forced to look back on those bloody scenes of my thesis deliberation. I had my copy of the jury's comment sheets to ponder on. In my stubbornness, I am still able to understand their bias and recommendations for the second semester. I failed to defend the beauty and synthesis of McNamara and his preference of Classical Tradition in architecture. So now I must face the consequence of submitting to their caprices and compromising the ideals of my approach (which was too ontological according to Kuya Red). I am deeply hoping that I may learn a thing or two in this whole experience. I have to open myself to the possibility that maybe, just maybe, the Holy Spirit is guiding me to come up with a better synthesis and design translation. There's so much to think about and consider. What a completely necessary burden! With a bloodier thesis deliberation for the next semester, I am left with nothing but to commend this suffering to the Lord. The battle continues despite such very strong temptation not to push through. God bless my soul...


  1. Hey, if you need a sounding board to throw around ideas with, let me know. I had a help too, during my thesis, and it is important to pass it forward.

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