Sunday, June 10, 2007

I'm not alone...

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It was already 7PM when I decided to go home. I left the group whose still planning to go Trinoma that hour of the night. It's such a shame I'm going to let this opportunity pass by (again!) to go to the newest mall in town with them. I rode a different jeepney to go home. I was alone...

Right before I got up, Mitch snuck up something in my paper bag that I only get to see in the jeepney. It was a small wooden slab of some kind accompanied by a letter written in a small piece of blue paper. It was from my dearest Kitty!!!

Speaking of her, it was weird I never get to talk to her personally on this very special get-together-before-school-start occasion. I guess we're just simply waiting for someone to break the ice. I have known her for 4 years yet I still don't know what to do whenever she's around. I'm happy, though, that I get to see her and feel her presence. Simple gazes and eye shots of her is enough to brighten up my day. What more if she gave me something - a piece of her love like what she gave me today? Oh, that sweet girl. She never fails to make me feel extraordinary! I just can't help to say that my life would have been colorless if I hadn't meet her. A life without her would really scare me a lot.

Anyway, right on the piece of that wooden slab was a picture of a cute little kitten. And just above it's head, encoded was the message of the Lord taken from Ephesians 6:10 : "Be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might." The moment I read that, everything came into a full stop. Though the chauffeur was driving at full speed, it's as if it's taking a whole eternity to get to my destination. Nothing else around me mattered anymore. I found myself tenderly holding the gift with both hands. Staring at it blankly. My senses running wild. I have never felt like that before. And from a fraction of a second or so, I thought I saw the face of my Kitty on that piece of wooden slab, smiling back at me. I felt an omnipotent force from out of nowhere. It was guiding me and protecting me. It was very strange but it surely felt... good.

I walked the rest of my way home after I got off the jeepney. It was actually only a few steps until I get home. But right at that moment, it seemed I'm walking a thousand miles. My head was on the ground. I was listening at the sound of my own heartbeat, my slippers being dragged slowly on the concrete road, and the deafening silence of the night. The moon wasn't visible because of the thick clouds threatening to cry. Despite that, I saw a single star shining alone in the sky...

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