Thursday, June 21, 2007

Let go

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"O pare masyadong mabulatlat ang drama natin a, muntik ko na ngang di kayanin e.

Well if u still remember, we had a talk about that issue na diba? So i know a lot of the burdens your carrying right now. Pero ang mase-say ko lang dyan e let go of it.... pakawalan and leave everything to God na lang. Mas mainam at me katiwasayan at katahimikan ang puso mo kung ipapanalangin mo na lang ang lahat ng nararamdaman mo. Let God ease the pain you had. Let God control you. Let not your emotions totally manipulate you. Neither let yourself take place, for Satan's will is just roaming around and admit the fact that we're just humans, we're weak to stop him. This dark moments of your life might be his chance to use you on his selfish deeds.... so simply let go of what you have in your heart, let God heal you and unknowingly, you'll find one day He also changed the way your parents treat you for you let Him take the wheel of your life that's why He gave the reward of finally having the relationship you've ever wanted to exist in your family. That's all kapatid, tuloy lang ang buhay ha... love you and God be with you always...."


What you just read up there is one of the greatest advises I've ever had. It was sent to me by my good friend, Elenore. I felt blessed and thankful to have her as one of my most close and honest friend. We're studying on different universities right now, pursuing our separate chosen paths in life. She surely is one of the persons I truly miss in high school. We're fond of exchanging thoughts, concerns, outlooks, ideologies, and philosophies in life. We've been honest in all our feelings when we are together and we've been on each others back in all our frustrations and problems in studies, relationships and other kinds of stuffs in life. I must admit that she's one of those people that really influenced me a lot in establishing my relationship with God.

Hey Elenore, if you happen to drop by and read this post I made especially for you, I just wanted you to know that I really miss you. Thank you so much.

Ang drama ko na naman, noh?

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